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About Oonagh Foran

I worked as a homeopath for fifteen years. My specialty was deep soul work – going with my clients to places where nobody else had been able to accompany them. Often this involved holding space for heavy trauma. I felt invincible, unshakeable in my faith in my clients’ wholeness. Because of this “superpower”, combined with adeptly prescribed homeopathy, and often with the support of the remedies supplied by Source Medicine, I was able to midwife healing that often appeared miraculous by the standards of conventional medicine. I couldn’t imagine anything more fulfilling. I couldn’t imagine a greater honor than to provide life-changing support to other human beings.

Throughout the years of my practice, I was suffering from my own health problem – severe migraines that had been with me since age 20. I was trained in, and good at, helping people to heal chronic conditions. Yet for all the times I tried to treat myself, and despite the help I sought from other homeopaths, I was never able to find relief. My condition was so bad that it was no secret to my clients – not infrequently I needed to reschedule sessions because of it. I was ashamed to be such a poor example of the efficacy of my own profession! I felt people would lose faith in me. Instead, they appreciated all that I brought to my work, and the results it brought them. Somehow, I was able to juggle these two realms – that of debilitating chronic pain and that of sitting in service – for many years.

At the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, as people were just starting to consider social distancing and masking, I contracted COVID. I was alone with it. I got through the initial acute phase with homeopathy. But I didn’t feel truly restored to health for months. As soon as my fever and crashing headache broke, I was at my computer, sending out recommendations to clients, family and friends. Work became intense, and different in character. It became heavy, and I didn’t feel well. I felt I was crumbling. I lost some of my superpower for supporting others. I was emotionally and energetically drained. I needed to find a way to heal and to care for myself, whatever that might mean. I spent a lot of time meditating, and a lot of time sobbing. I worked intensively with Source Medicine resonances, daily for many months, designing my own program as I went.

I didn’t manage to heal my migraine condition, but the emotional work I did with the resonances culminated in new love coming into my life. A magical human being, as inspiring as he is loving. With his presence, everything else began to change, too.

My grandmother, Helen McCarty (seated young girl with large bow atop her head), with her mother's extended family. This photo includes my grandmother's parents, Peter and Elsie McCarty, and Elsie's mother, Margaret Ball Schaff.
My grandmother, Helen McCarty (seated young girl with large bow atop her head), with her mother's extended family. This photo includes my grandmother's parents, Peter and Elsie McCarty, and Elsie's mother, Margaret Ball Schaff.

The pandemic, of course, has been the time for countless people to reevaluate their lives and their pursuits. The loving support of my new partner gave me the space to do this too. Two streams of healing were born for me, flowing together into a greater movement of soul energy. One was my “Family Project” – my work with my ancestors to unravel family patterns of illness and dysfunction. I had come to suspect that my own healing hinged on addressing the heavy pain held by each side of my family.

This is an ongoing project, also involving my connections with living family members. In my own way I am re-weaving a vast web of love and strength that had been left in tatters through intergenerational trauma. This has been a life-changing experience and I hope to write more about it in time.

The second stream is my Medicine Art project – Artio Prints, which I share with you here. Welcome!

About My Prints

About The Name, “Artio”

Artio (or Art) is the name of the Celtic Bear Goddess. Her cult survived into Roman times and extended as far south as the Balkans. In researching Artio for my “Black Bear” print, I was amazed to learn that bears have been worshipped and held in reverence over much of the northern hemisphere, across many cultures. There is archeological evidence to suggest that Bear was a part of religious practice, perhaps representing a deity or considered a deity itself, as far back as the Paleolithic era. When my guidance told me to create a print with a black bear, I didn’t know why. Now that I have a relationship with her, she has come to feel like a powerful guardian spirit and a symbol of the Great Mother. I welcome and honor her as patron spirit of my art practice.
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