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Bathe in the healing frequencies of sacred archetypes.
Activate your highest intentions and call in the help you need.
Uplift your space with the loving vibrations of Medicine Art.
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“My prints emanate healing energies. They are created not only with pencil, carving tool, and ink, but with intention, spirit guidance, research, prayer, and ceremony.

The healing energies offered by the prints are of universal value in soul growth; in the healing of the emotional body; and for the healing of the family and the collective, especially in the difficult areas of ancestral and intergenerational trauma.”

Oonagh Foran

How I Came to Make Medicine Prints

I worked as a homeopath for close to fifteen years. As part of my homeopathic practice, I worked in depth with an organization that created an unusual form of homeopathic remedy through direct request to Source.

Collective Medicine is Personal Medicine

The creation of art as medicine made sense to me as a more collective form of medicine. Many people can interact with the same art, especially prints, which can be more widely shared.

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