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Intentional Medicine

How to Use This Intentional Medicine

Formulate Your Request

This step is the most important!

To make full use of this medicine, please meditate, journal, and/or reflect on what area of healing or growth you would like to ask for assistance with. As best you can, shape your need into a direct request to God/Source/the Universe. Speak it aloud. Then thank the Universe/Source/God for sending the help that you need.

This activates your own intention, calling in powerful assistance, specific to your own needs. This activation will guide you in the choice of your art medicine.

Choose Your Medicine


Browse through the prints in the Portfolio on this site. Does an image speak to you? Pay attention to what draws you. Notice how you feel about the colors, too. Most of the prints have more than one color option, and some of the prints are available in strongly resonating, vivid colors. Color can offer an additional dimension of energetic medicine. If you don’t see a color that resonates with you, most of the prints are available in neutral tones.


Read the information on the page of any print that draws you. Note that at the bottom of the page for each print, there is an “Energies” tab. Read through the Energies for the elements of the print. Note, however, that natural archetypes are broad, and like the divine, to some degree elude full understanding by the human mind. If the healing message you get from the print is not included in the Energies list, please trust what you see and feel. Remember that this medicine is interactive with your intention, and your conscious interaction with the print is the most important part of the medicine.

Note: Remember that because you have set a strong intention loose, other forms of medicine will also show up in your life. Pay attention! Are you drawn to a new activity? To a food or way of eating? To a form of exercise? To schedule an appointment with a doctor? With a homeopath? With a therapist? With a psychic medium? Are you drawn to read a particular book, or listen to certain music? I could go on, but I think you get the idea!

Frame Your Print

Once you have purchased a medicine print, honor it with a frame. This further activates your intention. (See “Ordering A Print” for an easy and surprisingly inexpensive way to custom-frame your print.)

Engage With Your Print

Hang your print where you will see it frequently. Live with it, gaze at it, soak it in. You may choose to meditate on the image. But you don’t have to work hard for this medicine. You have already made your request for assistance. Your job now is to remain conscious of your intention and in appreciation of the support you are receiving, in ways that make sense to you. Remembering to thank God/Source/the Universe will help you to remember that your request has been taken seriously and that you are being assisted.

It is also powerful to thank the spirits of the plants and/or animals that are working with you through your medicine print. In doing this you help build a stronger relationship with these archetypal consciousnesses. Remember that we live in a Universe created from consciousness. As you consciously work with the archetypes, know that they are consciously working with you. They are each expressions of the universal love of Source, and they are eager to connect with you.

Revisit Your Intention Over Time

What has changed in you? How does your life look different now? In what ways has your request been answered?

Are you still working with the same intention? Do you now wish to refine your intention, based on what has shifted or deepened in your consciousness? Or do you have a new focus, a new need, necessitating a new request?

It’s important to acknowledge the ways that your requests have been fulfilled, so that you can notice and appreciate how the Universe is supporting you. This helps you to begin to know how loved you are. But be careful not to judge the response of the Universe on whether things worked out the way you thought you wanted. Challenge yourself to take a high perspective and be open to how life may have unfolded to meet soul needs that you hadn’t fully identified. For this reason, you will be happiest with the outcome of your intentional healing work if you make your requests from the highest vantage point that you can access. This work is about co-creating your highest good, and that requires a degree of surrender to the wisdom of higher consciousness.

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