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Ancestor Collaboration in Artio

My Great-Grandmother Elsie Schaff McCarty was, during her lifetime, a gifted herbalist. She was raised close to the land; her family were German-speaking farmers who came to Buffalo, New York from Alsace Lorraine. She inherited the traditional knowledge of plant medicines that women in Alsace used for countless generations to care for their family and community. She was creative, artistic. She had a flair for fashion and design. She loved to create beautiful things. I acknowledge her here as my silent partner in the creation of the Medicine Prints. As I work she is able to blend her energy with mine to drop ideas into my head, perhaps even guide my hand. I know that many of my ancestors are helping me at any given moment, so there may be others involved, joining forces with the team of guides who have been part of the Medicine Art project from the beginning. I extend thanks and acknowledgement to my Team, and to all my Ancestors, for all of the ways that they help me, love me and take good care of me.

My Great-Great-Great Grandfather, Michael Steffan, was a businessman extraordinaire. He immigrated to Buffalo, New York from Ortenaukreis, Germany at the age of 22, in 1828. In 1836 he purchased land on Main Street in Buffalo, raised a building, and opened shoemaker’s shop. His operations expanded to include leather goods and a tannery, later operated by three of his sons. The leather goods business, M. Steffan’s Sons, begun in 1851, is still in running today, thanks to 5th generation Linda Steffan. As I evolve and operate my own business, I feel his encouragement and support.

My Irish connection: I have more Irish ancestors than from any other region. My Irish heritage is alive in my work. Being the descendant of Irish of the diaspora is one of the strongest roots of my gifts.

Please see the page, Why Artio?, for further discussion of the Celtic elements in my work

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