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Intentional Medicine

Collective Medicine is Personal Medicine

Art is a collective form of medicine. Many people can interact with the same art. My art medicine addresses our universal human needs rather than specific personal issues, but because our universal human needs underlie our specific issues, they are of profound help in personal situations.

You can share this medicine  intentionally with your ancestors. Or you can direct it to address patterns of family or group dysfunction. This includes groups or communities at any level of magnitude, for instance a specific nation, or humanity. It is up to you to direct the healing with your own intention.

To direct the medicine, simply ask that it be offered to the group you have in mind. Spend 30 seconds visualizing the energy of the medicine moving to this group. Remember that you are not imposing anything, only offering. Remember to take in the medicine for yourself, too. You are engaging with the art on behalf of the group you are wishing to assist, and for this you need to open yourself up to the healing. 

Please note: if you choose to direct healing energy towards any group, if you begin to feel drained by this work, take a step back and allow yourself to focus on your own care and healing. You are a much greater asset to the world and to the people in your life when you put your own care first. Do not lose yourself in efforts to fix what is outside of yourself. Sometimes we use helping others as a distraction from our own discomfort. This prevents us from noticing our own needs and doing the work necessary to integrate the parts of ourselves that still lie in shadow. 

An important note on the safety of collective medicine: the healing energies are offered, and not imposed on anyone viewing the art. (It is likewise not imposed on anyone to whom you wish to direct the medicine.) Every viewer engages with the energy exactly at the level that is of benefit to them. This intention is built into my prints, but it is also a characteristic of archetypes, each of which offers a vast field of meaning. When we encounter an archetype, we engage with the field of meaning to the depth our consciousness is ready for, and we leave the rest for another time.

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