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How I Came to Make Medicine Prints

I worked as a homeopath for close to fifteen years. As part of my homeopathic practice, I worked in depth with an organization that created an unusual form of homeopathic remedy through direct request to Source. That is, it was the job of the humans involved to first clearly define the issue they needed help with, and then to make the request for a remedy in a highly intentional way.  Source/Divine Spirit would then supply the medicine! It would be “delivered” into a medium – for example a bottle of water and alcohol – provided by the person requesting the remedy.


These remedies were originally made in the form of a tincture that could be used to medicate sugar pellets. But eventually a system was created to have the remedies encoded as a short digital sound recording, which could be more easily and broadly shared. The first resonance was requested in a time of crisis, while English homeopath Peter Chappell was working in Ethiopia with AIDS patients. The resulting remedy was so effective that it is still in wide use to this day (along with resonances created for many other diseases as well as for specific psychological traumas) at locally staffed clinics in Africa set up by the Netherlands nonprofit, Amma Resonance Healing Foundation.


Many of my homeopathy clients benefited from using these resonances, as did I. But they were so mysterious! I wondered, were these a systematized kind of faith healing? Nobody knows for sure why they are effective. The beliefs about them by practitioners, and by those who create them, are mainly spiritual. But there is surely also science underlying this medicine that is created through strong, loving intention and earnest request. I believe the answer lies in the realm of quantum physics, with clues in discoveries such as Masaru Emoto’s work with messages encoded in the crystal structure of water, and Lynn McTaggart’s Intention Experiment. Both demonstrate powerful real-world effects produced by directing the energy of consciousness, through focused intention.

In 2020 a dear friend of mine, artist Maritza Mosquera, as a response to the horrors of the COVID-19 pandemic, created her Quarantine series of daily paintings – small, colorful works in marker and paint – into which she placed healing intentions, usually for specific parts of the globe. Maritza wrote of them: “They are based on maps of where the pandemic was spiking that day or where my focus went. These artworks are healing artworks; I meditate on the healing of that region, the people, the animals and the land as I create them.” The Quarantine series was eagerly received.  Hershey Medical Center commissioned three of the paintings to be hung where doctors and nurses would see them each day as they entered work – a healing offering for those who sacrificed their own well-being to care for the many Covid-19 patients. These paintings spoke to me, too. As I write this, two of them hang on the wall beside me. I feel them as a loving, vibrant presence.

Meanwhile, I was having thoughts about the resonances I was using in my work. Based on my experiences working with clients and with my own healing work, I would often get fired up about an idea for a new resonance. I could occasionally ask Source Medicine to create them based on my ideas, and sometimes this worked out fairly well. But for the most part I was using medicine coming from someone else’s requests and therefore someone else’s paradigm, which was sometimes different from my own in important ways. The founders of Source Medicine held the specifics of their creation process – the “how to” – as a closely guarded secret. While I could understand their reasons for doing so, my own feeling was that they had stumbled on fundamental principles that could enrich everyone’s life. I believe that the resonances demonstrate a universal birthright: to ask, specifically and in earnest, with high and loving intention, for the help that we need in our lives. Moreover, they demonstrated that such prayers are answered.

My lifetime of experience with prayer had already convinced me that it works. While I don’t belong to a specific religion (I was raised Catholic) I am a person of faith. I believe we live in a Universe created from the energy of consciousness. And somehow, I feel that consciousness is undergoing a constant evolution towards a greater universal Love. If all is consciousness, then it seems to me that everything in existence is in constant communication. Thinking like this, prayer becomes important. Intention becomes important. Words become important. Everything we send out in any direction is having its impact. Everything we do and everything we utter in the name of love will change our world at least in some small way.

I fell in love one year into the pandemic. That first year, I was alone with no support system, working hard to help as many people as I could. My job became crucial, and at the same time, the pressures became too heavy and my emotional resources too slim. Each day I focused all of my energy into the fundamentals of caring for myself and showing up for my clients. From the time my new love appeared, my life began to reassemble itself into a new configuration that I never could have expected. The first winter we were together, he suggested we make a linoleum print holiday card. I drew and he carved, and “Angel Dog” was born. It felt like magic. Then for Easter I made “Rat”. Rat took me by surprise in several ways. I felt a depth of meaning in it, a healing presence reminding me of something about myself.

Marc and I had discussed making sound resonances, like the ones I had been working with. But I was never fired up enough to implement the idea. Rat whispered to me, “Why not visual remedies? Why not set your intentions in designs, in carving, in ink?” An excitement welled up in me. It had a flavor like the raw, clear excitement of childhood – something I hadn’t felt that purely in a long time. I answered, “Yes!”

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