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How “inky?”

My prints are hand-printed, one at a time. They contain random, small imperfections. In addition, some prints are more solidly inked than others. It is not my goal to ink all prints solidly, as show-through of the background tends to create a further sense of dimension. Whether you prefer a very solidly inked print, a little or a lot of show-through is a personal matter. If you have a preference about how “inky” your print is, please indicate this in the notes section of your order. Since it would be beyond me to photograph every single print for the website, it is likely that there will be others of the color you are interested in which are more inked or less inked than the print shown on the website.

The prints are all signed, limited editions. Your print will indicate which variation and which number of the edition it is. For example: Var 1, 18/120. This means that in total, only 120 of that print, including all its color variations, will be sold, and yours is number 18.


It is possible for me to custom-frame your print for you. However, it is also easy, and more cost-effective, for you to order a custom frame (with mat) from Frame It Easy, and pop it into the frame yourself. This site is a delight to use, so don’t be afraid to try it. If I frame a print for you, I will order from Frame it Easy but I will charge you for my time.

Note: Square and round prints can be fitted into a square frame – these are available in many sizes on Amazon or at a frame store. Many of my smaller prints also fit into custom frames.

Please do not hang your print where it will receive direct sunlight. The inks and papers are archival and lightfast but will fade to some extent from long-term sunlight exposure. This includes a section of wall that only receives direct sunlight for a short time each day.

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