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Ash embodies solar energy. It is medicine for the strengthening of our life force and our connection to our inner sun. My initiation into Ash energy occurred in July 2022 as I was carving the block for the Ash print. I feel the best way to share Ash energy with you is to share this story. Please refer to the “Energies” tab below to learn more about how this energy can assist you.

I was on a morning walk with my dog on a hot, humid summer morning. We were crossing the street from the small park at the bottom of our hill. Here the street reaches a low point and then its elevation rises sharply for the short block on the other side of the intersection. I was suddenly aware that a man was running towards us from the top of that incline. He was  shouting something at the top of his lungs as he flew down the steep hill. As he drew closer I realized he was singing, or chanting what might have been a tune if he hadn’t been running fast and shouting the words at his dynamic limit. He was wearing nothing but small yellow running shorts and a pair of running shoes. Sweat was streaming off him as he ran. He was really flying in spite of the already high heat and humidity – like a mighty god. He was shout-chanting these words, on endless repeat, as he flew:

My son is living!
My son is breathing!
The doctor said No!
But You said Yes!

His sweat splashed me as he ran by. In the same moment a great wave of energy hit me. It was one of the highest energies I’ve ever felt from any human being. It seemed to shift me into a different world. I cried as I walked home with my dog, listening to his constant song recede into the distance. I sat for hours carving the Ash block. The energy stayed with me for all of those hours. All the while I could hear the man’s chant in my head. I can hear it now, over a year later.

The pileated woodpecker has a special place in this print for this reason: vast numbers of ash trees in North America have been lost to an invasive species, the emerald ash borer. Invasive species can be hard to stop because nothing in the new environment would normally prey upon them. But woodpeckers, showing off their ability to seize an opportunity, have learned to prey preferentially on emerald ash borers, and have become a major force in the effort to save our North American forests, along with the ash trees of this continent.

The barred owl is included as one of the many species that can make the ash tree its home. Her presence helps to remind us that healthy ecosystems are vital to all species, including human beings.

Ash Tree

  • Solar energy; connecting with your inner Sun.
  • Mastery; empowerment
  • Balancing for those experiencing rigidity; stuckness; stiffness from an excess of masculine energy; needing to allow and engage with the watery, feminine element, including emotions, dreams, intuition.
  • Self-knowledge, Self-honesty, Self-trust.
  • Protection; safe travel
  • Over-responsibility to family, neglecting ones personal needs (especially creative; spiritual; emotional); neglecting ones own dreams
  • Healing
  • Healing of children
  • Healing of families
  • Healing of relationships: with family members, with friends, between parents and children, between members of a group or organization
  • Healing ancestral/intergenerational patterns of trauma and dysfunction
  • Expressing ones true Self while simultaneously being an integral and essential part of the family/group/community/society.


  • Growing in clear sight and discernment, wisdom
  • Growing in intuition and inner sight.


  • Resourcefulness and innovation
  • Making the most of good opportunities
  • Persistence and determination
  • Growing in awareness of others; careful listening
  • Finding and expressing ones passion
  • Expressing ones uniqueness
  • Protection/restoration of forests
  1. Jan Scholten: Wonderful Plants 
  2. Fred Hageneder: The Living Wisdom of Trees 
  3. Michal Yakir: Wonderous Order: Systematic Table of Homeopathic Plant Remedies

12.5″ x 12.5″

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