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Seals in Kelp Forest


This print is medicine for any major life transition, when one needs to let go of the old in order to go into the new. And for those who need to let go of others who are moving into a new “realm”, such as parents saying goodbye to a child who is leaving for college. But it is also medicine helping us to live our connection with Spirit. This includes meditation; dreamwork; shamanic work; mediumship; ancestor work; any form of intentional communication with spirit guides.

I called in this medicine when I was in grief about the future loss of a family member. My emotional state was as if  in mourning – for someone still alive. I asked for medicine that would help us to face death with acceptance. To grieve as needed but also to hold death in proper perspective, as a sacred and potentially joyful rebirth between phases of the soul’s evolution.

I had no idea what the print would look like. My guidance team chose seals in a kelp forest. What emerged is exuberant, celebrational. The round frame became a portal. The seals moving through the portal (guide/psychopomp in front, and the newly reborn soul following) places the viewer also in the water, as there is no boundary between the two spaces. This print can help us connect to the beyond: to the world of Spirit, higher knowing and higher love. I realized it is medicine of much broader use than for overcoming grief and fear of death. Yet all of this ‘broader use’ – the connection to Spirit – helps to contextualize death, to put it into proper perspective, which in turn helps us to let go of the fear and grief of loss.


Seal Energies

  • Seal guides us through transformation, teaching us to adapt to new realms of existence (as we experience when we undergo major life changes).
  • Mental adeptness, curiosity for learning and exploration of the new
  • Engaging with intuition and psychic senses, while remaining grounded.
  • Letting go of what is past, to go into the new.
  • Psychopomp and guardian of the soul after death – guiding us smoothly through the portal of death, grounding us in the reality of our eternal spirit.
  • Assists us to let go of loved ones who are leaving one phase of existence to enter another, such as letting go of a dying family member, or letting go of a child who is leaving for college.
  • Allowing change. Adapting; shapeshifting.
  • Grace and flow
  • Protection
  • Acts as a gentle and compassionate guide when navigating emotional pain. The emotions may feel so overwhelming that you fear being sucked down and drowning in them.
  • Uplifting for those experiencing depression
  • Protective and fortifying for those feeling bullied, beaten
  • Gives internal support when coping with a serious external threat, or fear of same
  • Balancing for those carried away by conflict and aggression, hitting out wildly due to a perceived need for self-preservation
  • Grounding. Improving the connection to your lower body.
  • Growing in playfulness and joy, humor
  • Healing old emotional trauma that gets in the way of true intimacy; growing in your ability to be present and open-hearted in intimate relationship.
  • Strengthening when you suffer from a deep longing to be loved, or the need for constant reassurance that you are loved – especially a need for cuddling and physical contact.

Kelp Energies (Macrocystis pyrifera)

  • Nourishment. Regulating metabolism.
  • Protection; shelter
  • Link between worlds
  • Kinship between humans and supernatural beings
  • Connecting with your deeper, unconscious self
  • Connecting with your emotional being

Serpent Energy

  • Death and Rebirth; Immortality
  • Infinity; the Cosmos
  • Medicine; Healing
  • Life Force
  • Fertility; Sexual energy

Ocean Energy

  • Unfathomable mystery
  • The collective unconscious
  • Powerful emotional energy
  • The primal power of Nature
  • Limitlessness
  • The womb of life on Earth
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12 x 12″

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