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The Three Hares


The Three Hares running or leaping in an infinite circle, conjoined by their three shared ears, is a motif found in ancient and medieval religious sites. It is found in Buddhist, Judaic, Christian and Islamic art. The earliest known example is from Ancient Egypt.*

No written explanation of its symbology has come down to us from antiquity. The Three Hares remains a mysterious yet potent archetype. The authors of The Three Hares Project write:

The hare…from ancient times has had divine associations. Its elusiveness and unusual behavior, particularly at night, have reinforced its reputation as a magical creature. The hare was believed to have mystical links to the female cycle and to the moon which governed it.

(See “More” below)

The theory of the Ancients that the hare was hermaphroditic and could procreate without a mate led to the belief that it could give birth to young without the loss of virginity. In Christian contexts, the three hares may be associated with the Virgin Mary in her role in the redemption of mankind. – from the website: The Three Hares Project, “What Does the Symbol Mean?

For me this image is related to the Celtic triskelion, or triple spiral. Both symbols imply a dynamic movement; you can imagine them in an endlessly cycling motion, while eternally connected by the inner triangle. They suggest the repeating cycle of life, death and rebirth. They speak of resurrection, and for many, the spiraling progression of reincarnation towards reunification with the Divine. They tell us that while we trace a path of personal experience, we are never in fact separate from God (the center triangle), or from all other beings.

Like any good archetype, as a symbol tapping deep into the collective unconscious, the three hares motif holds within it all of the cultural meanings ascribed to it at all times and in all places. It is appropriate to pick and choose the meanings which resonate with you.

My piece superimposes the three hares motif on a trillium flower.

[*] To learn more, see the extensively researched website, “The Three Hares Project”, or the book of the same name, by Grieves, Chapman, and Andrew

Trillium Energies

  • Overcoming fears, especially fear of being in a physical body, fear for survival, panic
  • Grounding into the physical body; strengthening the base chakra
  • Releasing fearful overfocus on material possessions
  • Good fortune, abundance and prosperity
  • Strengthening libido and sexual function
  • Balancing feminine and masculine aspects
  • Bridge between our spiritual and physical realms; spiritual integration with our daily, physical lives
  • Courage to reach out and connect with others
  • The Holy Trinity
  • Grace
  • Humility
  • Recovery; renewal; rebirth
  • Purity

Hare Energies

  • The Goddess; the Moon; night
  • Dawn; the East; light
  • Intuition
  • Rebirth
  • Fertility; abundance
  • Easy release of completed cycles
  • A helper through times of transition and change
  3. The Druid Animal Oracle Deck booklet by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

11″ x 11″

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