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Owl is above all a wise guide and messenger. She helps us to connect more strongly to our inner wisdom, and to follow our inner guidance when making important decisions. She can help us, in times of intense challenge, to find the courage and wisdom to use the opportunity for growth, discovery and transformation. She can assist us in working with our ancestors; in psychic development; in shamanic journeying; in all manner of journeys through darkness.

If you are attracted to Owl as an animal guide, trust your intuition and you will learn over time what she has come to help you with.


Owl Energies

  • Wisdom
  • Psychic senses; intuitive development
  • Can help us to follow our inner guidance above all else
  • Bridge between worlds
  • Can represent the spirits of ancestors, especially those who come to us as guides
  • Protection; divine assistance
  • Can symbolize one’s soul

Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, The Druid Animal Deck

MBGMindfulness (website): “What an Owl Symbolizes”


8″ x 10″

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Gold on Purple Ink

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