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Pear Tree


The Pear Tree archetype is about receiving the rich gifts of life. If you need to open up: to delight; to abundance; to sexuality; to the fulfillment of deep joy, this medicine will assist you. Connected with emotional fulfillment, Pear assists us broadly in deep relationships, perhaps especially in romantic relationships. It helps us to open our hearts to love, and to enter into communion with others, while remaining strong in our own selfhood.


Pear Tree (Pyrus communis) Energies

  • Allowing full expression of ones sensual nature and sexuality
  • Recognizing and welcoming the rich gifts of life; allowing abundance
  • Opening to delight
  • Making choices that bring lasting joy instead of chasing superficial pleasures
  • Knowing oneself as inherently loveable, worthy of unconditional love
  • Harmony
  • Remaining stable and peaceful in the face of challenges and crises
  • Nurturing a sense of community; growing in our ability to rise above our fears, hurts and emotional reactivity, to resolve conflicts. Living, working and playing together in peacefulness, appreciation and joy
  • Helps us to let go of our trauma-based reactions to life, to live fully in the present, grounded and balanced
  • Overcoming naiveté in relationships: learning to love others fully without idealistic, unreasonable expectations
  • Learning to stand in ones own identity and express oneself while deep in relationship with another
  • Outgrowing the tendency to lose oneself in a relationship
  • Taking responsibility for ones own needs within a relationship, rather than being disappointed when the other person doesn’t take care of all of our needs
  • Overcoming difficulties in communication; being willing to fully hear and see the other person, while being willing to show and express oneself and to express ones needs
  • Allowing the other to be responsible for their own emotional needs, rather than losing oneself in emotional caretaking
  • Allowing ones heart to open and love deeply despite past disappointments in love
  • Forgiving loved ones for not being perfect; loving them unconditionally as the unique human beings that they are
  • Growing in empathy, compassion and tenderness

European Orchard Bee/Mason Bee (Osmia cornuta) Energies

  • For those who feel unfocused, helps to find purpose, motivation and energy for the task at hand
  • Giving up the need to justify ones existence through constant busy-ness; learning to allow time for rest and renewal
  • Learning to allow time for spiritual pursuits and time to simply “be”, rather than to focus solely on material needs and desires
  • For those who are too restless, helpful in finding calm
  • Releasing anxiety
  • Metamorphosis: helpful for those undergoing major life changes, especially transitioning from one state/way of life/identity to another, when there are fears of going into the unknown, as well as fear of losses that may accompany this change. Allowing oneself to fully emerge into a new way of being


11 x 11″

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