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Bee with Dara Knot


This print is a prayer of strength and protection for the bees and insects. Native insects are foundational to every ecosystem on our planet. Their well-being is our well-being. This print reminds us to hold them in love and reverence, and to do all we can to foster their healthy presence in our outdoor spaces. The power of the Dara knot which frames this mason bee is a symbolic representation of the Oak. It represents strength, wisdom, endurance and immortality.

When I held the medicine ceremony for Bee with Dara Knot, I was given to understand that the medicine of this print is not only for the insects but for Gaia and her many ecosystems. This little print started as a study for the mason bee in “Pear Tree”, but it has become one of the most important medicine prints, because it is the first print in which I requested medicine for Nature.




The Irish Road Trip (website), “The Dara Knot: A Guide to its Meaning, Design and History”

6.5 x 6.5″

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