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This small piece carries not only Wolf energy but the purity of Snow and the divine light of the Stars. It speaks of entering the point of balance and connection to the Divine, and singing forth from that highest, most central part of you. It can help you to find the fierce courage to be utterly authentic in your life, especially in how you express yourself.


Wolf Energy

  • Inner strength
  • Courage to face your shadow and integrate the strengths that have laid hidden
  • Embracing your power
  • Faithfulness
  • Wolf helps us to be strong in all the things we need to face alone
  • Instinct; intuition
  • Freedom; wildness
  • Family; Community; Connection
  • Playfulness

Star Energy

  • Guidance
  • Inspiration
  • Divine light
  • Hope; encouragement
  • Faith

Snow Energy

  • Purity
  • New beginnings
  • Peacefulness; stillness

Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, The Druid Animal Oracle Deck

Spirit Animal (website)

Uniguide (website)

Literary Devices (website)

Sarah Scoop (website)

7 x 9″

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