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Oak and Heather


This print is medicine for healing from internalized oppression, for any group identity. It is to support us in embracing our unique identity, with self-love, self-confidence and self-integrity. It is likewise medicine for those who have oppressed others, and for those who have witnessed oppression.

This was the first print I created with the intention of making a medicine. I asked for a medicine to heal the wounds of racism, both for those targeted, as well as for those harboring and perpetrating racism. It was a response to the mass shooting of black people at a Tops supermarket on the East Side of Buffalo, New York, on May 14th, 2022. Buffalo is my hometown. Three of the shooting victims were family members of our close neighbors, the family of my sister’s childhood best friend. The tragedy thus became personal in several ways, on top of the horror we would have felt had it occurred in any other town. The personal nature of it makes it no less or more worthy of a response, but thinking of my little sister’s friend, now a powerful thought leader but in my mind also still that sweet young child, I felt a sense of responsibility that required taking meaningful action.

I understand all oppressions to be inextricably connected. Thus I requested a medicine for all forms of intolerance and bigotry towards those seen as “other”. It is also medicine for the exploitation that feeds on the oppression of groups of people as their power is stripped away.



Oak Energies

  • Vitality and strength, will
  • Balancing of dynamics regarding sovereignty; rulership; power
  • Integrity; inner power; self-sovereignty; inner authority
  • Protection
  • Wisdom
  • Finding ones rightful place in the family; in the community.
  • Harmony with family; with community
  • Leadership (natural)
  • Respect
  • Values, and the willingness to stand up for them against unjust rule or false values – particularly regarding the values and rules that structure our society.
  • Helps those who are taking too much responsibility, carrying too much on their back, to recognize their own limitations and needs for rest, support and recuperation. (May habitually resort to alcohol to alleviate their stress and tension.)
  • Supportive of the liver, including in liver damage from alcohol abuse.
  • Helpful for those who are overly serious to the point of being rigid, to allow for more flexibility, open-mindedness, spontaneity, fun.

Heather Energies

  • Balancing for those who neglect their own goals and well-being to give to others/support others.
  • Helpful for those who work hard to be accepted by their family/community but feel unappreciated, isolated, rejected.
  • Helpful for healing the feeling of not belonging to ones family/community/society, for example as a member of an oppressed group (racial/gender/sexual identity, etc.)
  • Helpful for releasing over-identification with family/community (focus on being accepted, gaining approval) so that one can follow ones own dreams.
  • Releasing the False Self that has been constructed to gain approval of others. Allowing the True Self “out of the closet”.
  • Unblocking ones creativity/passion/self-expression, through allowing the True Self to flourish
  • Supportive of yang – male energy. Supportive in erectile dysfunction, for those who have suppressed their dreams, or their True Self.
  • Balancing for those feeling needy, clingy, craving attention, sympathy, approval.
  • Developing compassion for others and awareness of the struggles, suffering and needs of others.
  • Developing listening skills and empathy
  • Balancing for those who feel mired in personal problems, hardships, injustices.
  • Balancing for those who feel obsessively anxious, with fixating ideas.
  • Releasing nostalgia for a golden past.
  • Developing “emotional self-sufficiency; inner tranquility; positive solitude” (from FES Flowers)
  1. Jan Scholten, Wonderful Plants
  2. Michal Yakir, Wondrous Order
  3. Fred Hageneder, The Living Wisdom of Trees; The Tree Angel Oracle Deck
  4. Trees for Life
  5. Saskia’s Flower Essences
  6. FES Flowers

11″ x 11″

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 1 in
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