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Black Bear


My Black Bear print hangs on the wall next to my bed and protects me while I sleep. Mother bears symbolize fierce protection; Bear is a symbol of the Primal Mother. (Also, in Eastern Slavic tradition, associated with the father/husband.) Bears were widely worshipped by ancient humans throughout northern regions of Europe, Asia and North America.

The black bear in this print walks through wild geraniums. The print’s border is decorated with aspen leaves, and at its base, a mushroom that grows in mycorrhizal communion with aspen, Amanita populiphila. The bear, wild geranium, aspen and Amanita p. live together as members of an ecosystem with mutually beneficial roles.


Bear Energies

  • Protection and fierce, unconditional love
  • Great strength; primal power
  • Connecting with the protection and guidance of your ancestors; instilling reverence of your ancestors
  • Transformation; shape-shifting
  • Integrating your animal nature – your primal power – with your spiritual self
  • Assists with the shamanic ability to journey into the spiritual world and return (transformed) with new wisdom.
  • Balancing for those overtaken by rage
  • Fertility and abundance; prosperity

Aspen Energies

  • Assists with courage and self-confidence when facing the unknown.
  • For those who are sensitive to unseen energies, causing fear and anxiety, even terror and nightmares.
  • For those who work to create harmony within their family or community, neither to abandon their own needs and take on the role of “people pleaser”, nor to be overly demanding in their efforts for the group.
  • For those who struggle with feelings of incompetence when promoted to a new job or when dealing with life circumstances for which they feel poorly equipped, causing loss of will power for the task at hand, and fear of failure.

Wild Geranium Energies

  • Cultivates hope and positivity for those suffering from a sense of impending doom. “It is especially for those easily disheartened by the ‘state of the world’.” – Sovereignty Herbs
  • Healing for those struggling with feelings of unworthiness, shame, self-doubt, being too hard on yourself, ‘beating yourself up’. Helps us to have faith in ourselves and courage to step into our opportunities to shine our light in the world.
  • Helps us to live life with an open heart, supported by feeling safe and secure in life, even though we are called to face change and transformation.
  • “…helps us reconnect with…faith that we are being loved and cared for, guided and supported every step of the way. As we reconnect with our sense of self-worth and security, we reconnect with the magic and mystery of our path unfolding in beautiful and unexpected ways.” – Down to Earth

Amanita populiphila Energies

  • Amanita populiphila is one of several mushroom species that grows in an essential symbiotic relationship with aspen trees (also cottonwoods), exchanging the nutrients that allow each species to flourish.
  • Rebirth
  • Transformation and recycling of the old
  • Nourishment
  • Cooperation for mutual prosperity; mutual care; community
  • Insight; tapping into the network of spiritual communication and communion
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10″ x 13″

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 1 in
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