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Of all the plant kingdom, Yew may be the most powerful sacred guide and guardian. This medicine can help you break through, to live life strongly connected to the Divine, aware of the Oneness of all that is. When you need to stand in the presence of the sacred, Yew is there to usher you. It is that simple and powerful. Standing in the sacred can be transformative in any life challenge, but you don’t require a reason to move closer to the Source of all Life, other than desire.

The Yew print includes, in its lower right corner, a commemorative stone carved with a Celtic triskelion. If you wish, this can be used to commemorate anyone important to you, especially an ancestor or loved one who has passed on to another realm. Because it connects the realms of existence, Yew is powerful for ancestor work. In the Yew print that hangs on my own wall I intend this stone as a gravemarker, and the print as a resting place, for my great-great grandmother Catherine Brown McGowan, whose physical grave has been lost.


Yew Energies

The Tree of Life; the World Tree*

From Fred Hageneder:

  • The Tree of Life…symbolizes unity – the unity of all opposites…
  • …it connects the different levels of existence…
  • …(it) denotes the entire world as being one organism; …every manifestation of life…is but one leaf or seedbearing fruit on this tree.
  • …(it) is the source of all life, youth and immortality…
  • …(it) is the centre of the world…its…sacred trees are also a ‘centre’ where the sacred, the eternal, breaks through into the temporary world of appearances.

Regeneration; Life

  • The immortality of the soul
  • The unity of all existence
  • Growing in graveyards in Europe, the Yew was thought to transport the souls of the dead to Heaven.
  • The Great Goddess
  • Birth; rebirth
  • The sacred marriage of earth and sky

The Fates (Moirae): Lachesis, the measurer (singer of the past); Clotho, the Spinner, singer of the present; Atropos, singer of the future

  • Weaving and spinning
  • The Furies (Erinyes): the fulfillers of the decrees of the Moirae; Karma (earlier known as “The Kindly Ones”)
  • Dios; The King of Heaven; “the Father of Light”
  • Music; sound
  • Sacred Geometry


* Note: Fred Hageneder, perhaps the foremost, and most holistic, tree scholar, has placed special focus on the sacred Yew. He makes a convincing case that it is the Yew, (not the Ash,) that is the most likely species to represent the Tree of Life of Judaic, Christian and Islamic writings, and the World Tree of Norse mythology. I created the Yew print with this understanding in mind. My descriptions of the Yew energies draw chiefly from Hageneder’s writings.

  1. Fred Hageneder, Yew: A History, The History Press, 2007

White ink on brown paper Yew prints are currently on 13″ x 15″ paper.

All other colors on 13″ x 16″ paper.

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